Fresh King Prawns

Eastern King Prawns are the most popular prawn amongst seafood lovers and are the main catch of our trawler fleet. The prawns are caught in the waters off the Gold Coast and cooked to perfection on the trawlers. Selling both green and cooked, we pride ourselves on the quality of prawns we’re able to offer you. The King Prawn catch is usually greater in the winter months and trawlers take a break from the 20th of September to the 1st of November each year.

  • Ocean School Prawns (Raw / Cooked) - $15.00 - $20.00 per kilo (depending on size)
  • Small - (Raw / Cooked) - $25.00 per kilo
  • Medium - (Raw / Cooked) - $30.00 per kilo
  • Large - (Raw / Cooked) - $35.00 per kilo
  • Headless Raw Prawns - $35.00 per kilo 

Spanner Crabs

This beautiful crab derives its name from the spanner shaped claws. It’s highly prized in many areas of South East Asia and yields brilliant, white, succulent meat with a bright orange shell when cooked. Spanner Crabs are becoming increasingly popular with Australians as they catch onto this superb Gold Coast seafood product. These crabs are available live and cooked through most of the year with Spanner Crabbers only taking a break from the 1st of November to the 15th of December, this is the annual spawning season which has recently been increased by two weeks.

  • Live / Cooked - $30.00 per kilo 

Balmain Bugs

Balmain Bugs are very high in demand and are available either cooked, green, and sometimes even sold live. With a similar taste and texture to crayfish, the sweet meat of the Balmain Bug is a sought-after addition to any seafood lover's dinner plate (but not to be confused with Moreton Bay Bugs). The catch is best in the winter months so check our Today’s Catch updates for availability.

Green Bugs should be cooked within 48 hours of being "chilled" but can be frozen for up to 3 months so long as the temperature is kept below freezing. The meat can be used in most recipes in place of lobster, prawns or crayfish.

  • Raw / Cooked - $30.00 per kilo for Balmain & Honey Bugs
  • Raw / Cooked - $35.00 per kilo for Small Moreton Bay Bugs (when available)
  • Raw / Cooked - $40.00 per kilo for Large Moreton Bay Bugs (when available)

Sand Crabs/3-Spot Crabs

The most popular by-product of our fleet's catch is the Sand Crab. The sweet crab meat is delicious straight from the shell or a wonderful addition to a variety of dishes. Available in both the Blue Swimmer and 3 Spot Crab, they're bound to sell out quick. Your best bet is to get in at 7am as the night's catch is never a big one. Be sure to check our Today’s Catch for availability.

  • Sand Crabs Cooked - $25.00 per kilo. 
  • 3-Spot Crabs Cooked - $20.00 per kilo. 

Assorted Bycatch

Some of the by-products of the trawler fleet's catch are fresh Squid, Octopus, Cuttlefish and Pinky Fish. Often sold fresh and frozen, these products are great value for money and are delicious in a variety of recipes. Just imagine a serve of salt and pepper calamari with your Prawns, Bugs and Sand Crab. Make sure to visit our Today’s Catch updates to check their availability.

  • Squid Fresh / Frozen - $15.00 per kilo
  • Octopus Fresh / Frozen - $15.00 per kilo
  • Cuttlefish (whole) Fresh / Frozen - $15.00 per kilo
  • Cuttlefish (cleaned) Fresh - $20.00 per kilo
  • Pinky Fish - $10.00 per kilo


Freshest prawns you can ever get! HUGE and CHEAP! half kg to eat at the spot and then another kg to take home!

- James Liu

5 Stars